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    The Six Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn

    You’ve decided you want to get a job. The first thing you may want to do is update your LinkedIn profile. But, this is the problem. You’re doing a few things wrong. Those...

    Getting a Job is a Job

    It’s official. It’s less than sixty days until Thanksgiving. Although you shouldn’t stop your job search when the turkey has been served, hiring will slow down as the holidays heat up. It’s just...

    Susan Peppercorn Featured in Inc.com Article on Ways to Recover From a Setback

    3 Scientific Ways to Recover From a Setback   Inc.com published an article providing three tips that will help you bounce back from setbacks and even use them to your advantage....

    Dealing with Job Search Anxiety

    Anyone who has been through the job hunting process, particularly for an extended period of time, will tell you that this can be a very challenging time, both physically and mentally. Job seekers...

    When I Grow Up

    Do you dislike your job? Feel it’s not a good fit for you? Wonder why you chose the profession you did and think you might be happier if you could start over in...

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